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Carbon Credits

Helping our corporate clients achieve climate ambitions with nature-based carbon credits. We offer high quality nature-based carbon credits on the voluntary market that help farmers remove carbon from the atmosphere by regenerative farming.


True climate impact

Most types of carbon credits on the voluntary market are prevention or reductions offsets. These credits slow the rate of emissions, but do not address the CO2 already in the atmosphere. To limit the effects of climate change, prevention and reduction is not enough. Carbon must be removed from the atmosphere and regenerative agriculture has the potential to do so. Our carbon credits reflect true removal of carbon from the atmosphere. Carbon removal is an emerging component of climate action, adopted by companies who take a leadership position on climate change. We believe carbon removal is the only way to truly offset remaining emissions.


Accelerating carbon farming

By buying carbon credits, you stimulate farmers to remove carbon from the atmosphere by applying regenerative farming practices. Farmers receive financial and technical support to start carbon farming. We issue carbon credits and connect farmers with buyers to sell the carbon credits they generate through our platform. By adopting regenerative practices, farmers can reduce and sequester carbon dioxide into their soils. On average, an estimated 1-3 tCO2eq can be removed from the atmosphere per hectare per year. We advise farmers on different practices to draw down carbon from the air into the soils.

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Reach climate goals

We ensure that the carbon credits you buy are of the highest standards. We aim to prevent double counting, we strive to ensure reduction or removal are additional, and we consider wider benefits such as biodiversity and improved water management. We make use of science backed carbon models to create baseline measures and estimate the impact of regenerative practices. Farmers are monitored on the implementation of practice changes, and we aim to prevent leakage from occurring.

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