Reducing co2 emissions with dairy farmers by increasing the water level on their peatlands. Turning reduction of carbon emissions into valuable carbon credits (or reduction certificates). These can be sold to corporates in the supply chain or other voluntary buyers.

Next generation

Young peatland farmers are interested to make sure their business continuation is secured. They are taking steps to sustain their operations, and to make sure their Co2 per liter of milk goes down. With the Climate Goals becoming a more pressing challenge, these farmers (especially from Friesland and Noord-Holland) also have the opportunity to reduce their emissions by increasing the water levels, or by wetting their peatlands with pump-controlled drainage.


Interested in participating? We are keen to get to know you and your situation. If you want to get in touch please send us an e-mail so we can set up a call to discuss carbon.

Duurzaamheid wereldbol in handen


It is hard to see what taking steps towards a better climate will mean for your business. We enable our farmers to clearly see their options, and to select the next step towards the climate goals with the most interesting ROI, for their business and the planet.


Peatlands is a proposition in an explorative phase meaning that our main goal is to learn about the actual needs of our customer segment and to discover what the perfect solution for those needs looks like. We are doing this through interviews, tests and pilots, and by making sure that the risk to waste is limited.

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