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What we do

The Rabo Carbon Bank is developing climate-smart initiatives focused on Carbon Farming. We are currently developing propositions and conducting experiments with farmers that reduce emissions and remove carbon from the atmosphere.

What is the Rabo Carbon Bank

How it works

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Start regenerative farming

Together with farmers we make agreements to implement regenerative practices on their farmland. We work together with agronomic expert to help farmers with the implementation of regenerative practices.

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Monitor impact

Using scientific methodologies, we determine the impact of practice changes and issue carbon credits. We monitor the agreements to ensure the estimated impact is realized.


Reach climate goals

Carbon credits produced by Rabo Carbon Bank are high quality and nature based. We offer our corporate clients solutions to reach their climate targets.

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Rabo Carbon Network

In order to keep abreast of trends and developments in the field of voluntary nature-based carbon solutions, the Rabo Carbon Bank has initiated a Rabo Carbon Network (“RCN”) with members that come from various sectors.

Become Part of The Carbon Movement

Rabobank got its start as a group of agricultural credit cooperatives. True to our cooperative history, we consider Rabo Carbon Bank to be part of a broader movement in society. We believe we need a movement of policy makers, regulatory bodies, NGOs, scientists, and innovative disruptors from all over the world to make the required system change.