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Why we do it

The world is facing the challenge to increase food production while reducing environmental impact. We see the impact that climate change has on our clients and we feel the urgency to make a system change happen. We believe that together we can create a more sustainable food system and bring back balance of carbon in the atmosphere.

Aarde met blauwe atmosfeer

The climate challenge

By 2050, the world population will increase to 9.6 billion people. Our society is facing the challenge to produce enough nutritious, affordable food for everyone while respecting the planet. Climate change is already threatening food production in parts of the world. Too much carbon in the atmosphere causes temperatures to rise and natural disasters to occur more often. In order to reach the climate goals of the Paris Agreement, reducing carbon emissions alone is not enough. We must also actively remove carbon from the atmosphere which we emitted in the past. The actions we take today take time to affect the climate change that is already happening. We must act now.

Green soil

Transforming agriculture

According to the UN, the global food system is responsible for 34% of greenhouse emissions. Our current food system maximises production but affects soil health and biodiversity. Demand for affordable food puts pressure on farmers to produce efficiently and to rely on fertilizer and pesticides to ensure predictable yields. As a society, we need to become aware of the climate impact of our choices. To transition to a more sustainable food system it is key to support our food producers.

Climate Change Numbers

54 gigatons

Yearly excess emissions in CO2 equivalent


Share of emissions coming from the global food system

9.6 billion

Estimated global population by 2050

Groene akker kavels

Rabo Carbon Bank

Our unique position as a bank with strong connections in the Food and Agri industry enables us to activate the movement needed for change. We see it as our mission to work together with farmers and companies to reduce and remove carbon from the atmosphere. With the Rabo Carbon Bank we aim to accelerate the sustainability transformation in agriculture. We support farmers in their transition to regenerative practices and we offer solutions to our corporate clients to reach their climate targets.

Our ambitions for 2030


Number of farmers actively applying regenerative farm practices

1 gigaton

Amount of CO2 equivalent captured


Number of corporates helped to reduce and offset their carbon footprint

Barbara Baarsma aan het praten

"To reach the Sustainability Goals, we need initiatives like Rabo Carbon Bank"

- Barbara Baarsma, CEO Rabo Carbon Bank

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