Top talent challenged

Starring role for trainees

Just imagine. You have just been taken on as a trainee at Rabobank. Then, all of a sudden, you are summoned to the Rabobank head office for another interview. And a scenario then unfolds that can best be compared to a crazy ride on a mental rollercoaster.

In early March 2014, this happened to five management trainees, recent high-potential graduates all set to start with the bank. Not knowing that they were about to become the stars in a new Rabobank promotional video, they duly reported to the head office in Utrecht on a sunny Saturday afternoon for an unexpected meeting with a few Executive Board Members who had just one or two additional questions. At least, this was the ruse...
Will they pass this ultimate test? Watch the video and judge for yourself.

Looking for talent

While youth unemployment remains worryingly high, Dutch multinationals vie ever harder for the favour of recent graduates in economics, law, business and ICT. Crisis or no crisis, all of these companies are having a very hard time trying to hold on to enough trainees each year. To put it in numbers, every year Rabobank goes to great lengths and jumps through all manner of hoops to cherry-pick roughly hundred trainees from a pool of approximately 3,000 'hipos' - high potentials, top talent, the future executives of our cooperative bank.

'The traineeship is a flying start to your career.'

Janneke van Raak, former trainee, now Retail Team Leader, Team Kilkenny, ACC Bank Dublin