The four qualities of cooperative banking

Rabobank believes that mutual cooperation and partnership are the best means for reaching its goals. After all, you stand stronger together than alone. Because of our faith in this cooperative concept, we maintain the following four qualities in all our products and services, wherever we are active in the world.

  1. Customer participation
    We invite customers to talk with us, contribute ideas, and make decisions about the bank, banking products and product development. We have always been and will remain, a bank by and for customers. Our way of looking out for the future of companies, sectors or society is to bring people together and make our contribution in that context.
  2. Long-term relationship
    We are focused on a long-term relationship with our customers. The central tenets of the Rabobank mission are serving the interest of the customer with transparent financial products and honest, expert advising. These are incompatible with making one-time deals or selling a single product and so that is never our goal.
  3. Sustainable society
    We are a bank at the heart of society. Together with our customers, we work to improve local living environments and business sectors. Part of this is sustainable improvements in conservation of our precious and scarce raw materials and the establishment of a functioning circular economy.
  4. Solid basis
    Customers must be able to count on Rabobank as a reliable and solid bank. For us, solid means that we offer our customers a consistent, stable level of services.