The innovative side of Rabobank

Rabobank both supports its innovative customers and shows that we too are an innovative bank. We aim to develop apps that let customers conduct their banking quickly and easily for example.

Less than a year after Rabobank introduced its Innovation Board, innovation is hotter than ever. Moonshots, creative sessions, all kinds of cooperative arrangements and a new section for innovation on the corporate website are keeping the bank moving.

Rabobank's innovations at a glance:

Through the years, Rabobank has introduced many innovations. Check out the infographic: from the 70s till now. Click on the image to check out the infographic.


Rabo Banking App: Putting the customer first

The renewed Rabo Banking App is an important first step towards creating a personalised environment that revolves around the customer. This app features a new, user-friendly design that provides customers with clear insight into their finances and makes it easy for them to conduct their banking matters.

If customers need advice, they can contact an employee at their local Rabobank almost immediately via chat, e-mail or telephone. Rabobank will be introducing new functions over the coming months such as Touch ID and a credit and debit search function.

Rabo Investment App: Insight into your shares

The bank has developed a special app for investors that provides them with insight into their investment portfolio. They can place orders or check current share price information anytime and anywhere.

Rabo Wallet: A wallet in your smartphone

The Rabo Wallet App lets customers use their smartphone like a wallet. This app makes it easier than ever before to pay at the cash register, check your balance, save customer loyalty cards and view special offers.

KidsMoneyWise App: First introduction to banking

The KidsMoneyWise App teaches children how to manage money in a fun way. It lets children aged 6 to 11 discover the value of money and learn how important it is to save. It also focuses on allowances and chores. Parents can monitor their child’s use of the app via their own profile.

Rabo Smartpin: Your smartphone becomes payments terminal

Using your pin card to pay for things in shops is totally normal these days. However, for many small businesses, purchasing a payments terminal is too expensive. That’s why Rabobank has introduced the SmartPin. The entrepreneur’s mobile telephone becomes his payments terminal and he can receive pin payments anywhere and everywhere.

MyOrder: Mobile ordering, paying and parking

The MyOrder App lets consumers use their smartphone to order and pay at numerous restaurants, bars, cinemas and car parks. Customers can now place their orders and pay using this app at approximately 11,000 locations in the Netherlands. Rabobank has held 80% of the shares in MyOrder from August 2012.

Using MyOrder, people parking their car can start, prolong or end their parking time using their Apple Watch. Especially for shopkeepers, MyOrder offers a tool called SideKick, with which the shopkeeper can get to know their clients’ behaviour better. It is possible to see who is in the shop and which special offers the customer has made use of.

WeHelpen: Volunteer work and healthcare

People who would like to give someone a helping hand can come into contact with people who could really use some extra help on the WeHelpen platform. Numerous volunteer organisations share their requests for help on the website and app. Rabobank is one of the founding partners of the WeHelpen cooperative. The other members of the cooperative include health insurers, municipalities and civil society organisations.

Facturis: Invoices and cash flows

The Facturis company can process and digitalise all incoming and outgoing invoices and payment flows. This often means financial logistics can be carried out less expensively and more efficiently, while your company gains better insight and control. Rabobank is a partner of Facturis.

Rabo Corporate Connect

The online banking environment Rabo Corporate Connect provides mid and large corporate clients with a more comprehensive financial overview and greater insight. Users can set which products and services they would like to see on a personal dashboard. This information can range from bank account balances, most recent transactions and current interest rates to currency positions, exchange rate information and relevant knowledge and research. On the dashboard users can manage their corporate bank activities, such as hedge currency risks, manage liquidities and documentary payments relating to import and export.