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Rabobank's innovation specialists share their vision, knowledge, experience and tips. Learn about the most inspiring start-ups, the innovative steps being taken by the bank and the trends that are top-of-mind in the market.

Innovation Manager Mandy van Tilborg on ICT-trends

The fintech industry is constantly in motion. This requires continuous innovation. Based on the ten most relevant ICT trends for the bank, Rabobank puts together an ICT trend list every year. Innovation Manager Mandy van Tilborg discusses how the bank responds to these trends.

Head of innovation Harrie Vollaard on FinTech startups

Fintech startups are quickly gaining market share in the financial sector. Harrie Vollaard discusses what these startups and Rabobank mutually could mean to each other.

Innovation manager Roel Steenbergen on AI

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more concrete in the world of IT. What is it exactly, how can you use it and what changes will using AI bring? Innovation manager Roel Steenbergen from Rabobank outlines the expectations

Innovation specialist Maarten Korz on drones and smartwatches

Rabobank innovation expert Maarten Korz talks about the latest innovations in the Inno Update. Subjects in episode 16, 2015: insurance drones and banking on Apple Watch.

Innovation specialist Maarten Korz on fintech and SXSW festival

In his videoblog Inno Update (episode 14, 2015) Maarten Korz zooms in on the Financial Services Tech Awards and the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas.