'Invested in each other' puts stars in the spotlight

Rabobank sponsors grass roots of sports

Rabobank’s sponsorship strategy will be focused even more on strengthening local clubs and associations from 2016. This is because sports contribute to personal growth and stronger social engagement. The bank provides support both in the form of funding and by providing knowledge and assistance, deploying our employees or giving access to our networks.

In the run-up to the 2016 Olympics, Rabobank is placing volunteers in the spotlight in its new ‘Invested in each other’ campaign. This campaign showcases the fact that volunteers are the driving force behind Dutch sports associations. These 'stars' make the difference for athletes: from amateurs to Olympians. In the campaign, Rabobank calls on everyone in the Netherlands to pay tribute to their own personal star on the Invested in each other website. They’re invited to tell the story of a star at their club who has made an extraordinary investment of time and energy in the club and has had a huge impact on their life and the lives of others.

World-class hockey player Ellen Hoog thanks star 'Kip'

Top Dutch athletes including Ellen Hoog, cyclist Marianne Vos, judoka Edith Bosch and rower Sjoerd Hamburger also tell who their personal star is. Ellen Hoog on her star: "Floortje Joosten, affectionately known as 'Kip' at the club, has played an extremely important role in my hockey career. My first year in the premier league was pretty tough and thanks to her support I had the courage to persevere. The way she’s always been there for me and has been able to settle my nerves at crucial moments is invaluable." Ellen has teamed up with Rabobank and rapper Sef to make a sensational video for Kip to thank her for everything she has done.

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