New Dutch sports car is an instant classic

She glides noiselessly along the motorway. Other road users ogle her as she passes them because of her classic beauty. But she’s very much of these times. Carice MK1 is her name. A new, electric Dutch sports car to make the heart of many a car enthusiast beat faster.

YES!Delft supports the innovative start-up Carice Cars

The introduction of the sporty two-seater is a dream come true for Richard Holleman, the founder of Carice BV. 'Without close teamwork, we would never have been able to pull this off,' Holleman emphasises. 'The Carice Cars team all have the same passion and the same dream – that’s what ties us together. The understanding of the team’s friends and family is essential as well. They’re behind us one hundred percent and understand that doing business often requires a bit of extra time and effort. They give us unconditional support in achieving our dream.'

With your head in the breeze

The customers of Carice BV also have a share in the ongoing development of the car. Holleman: 'We’re involving them actively in the production of the MK1, so that our product is fully tailored to the customer’s specific needs. Buyers can kit out the car according to their own tastes or add features like a ‘range extender’, a small petrol engine which can recharge the battery while you’re driving.' The model will only be available in one style: a convertible. After all, being behind the wheel with your head in the breeze is the purest form of driving.

Working together with other start-ups

Carice Cars is located in the YES!Delft business incubator, a regional platform connecting innovative start-ups in the technology sector. Holleman: 'If you want to have a real impact, you can’t do it alone. That’s why we were keen to be part of this platform. YES!Delft provides us with access to an important network and facilities so we can keep growing. Incidentally, not just anyone can become a part of YES!Delft. You have to come up with a good business plan which ties in with their ideas and then present your plans to a selection committee. Once you’re in, you’ve got access to all the partners – including Rabobank.'

Driver of economic development

'At Rabobank, we are involved in a lot of start-ups,' says Patricia van Someren, Account Manager for Rabobank Zuid-Holland Midden. 'Start-ups can look to us to conduct their banking business, for seed capital and to hedge against business risks. By sharing our knowledge and connecting entrepreneurs with relevant parties in our networks, we help them realise their ambitions. We’re actively investing in innovative businesses and knowledge hubs such as Delft University of Technology and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). In this way, we can contribute to the world around us and have a share in increasing the economic vitality of this region.'

Contributing to a better world

The passion of Richard and his team lies not only in making beautiful things, but also in helping to make the world a better place. 'This can be done, for example, by bringing down carbon emissions,' says Holleman. 'And with this car, we’re contributing to just that. It weighs less than 350 kilos. Fewer kilos means better performance and reduced energy consumption. We want to demonstrate that lightweight electric transport can play a role in reducing emissions.'

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