Unique glimpse into the lives of 15 top athletes

How does cyclist Marianne Vos prepare for an important race? What does international field hockey player Maartje Paumen eat to stay fit every day? What sacrifices does show jumper Tim Lips make so that he can win gold at the Olympics? Sport fans can now follow the daily experiences of 15 top athletes both on Rabosport.nl and the athletes’ own personal websites.

Many sports enthusiasts want to find out every detail about their idols. More than the average consumer, these fans use their tablets and smartphones as a channel for finding information on and following their favourite athletes. Rabobank Sponsoring Manager Tom Taminiau explains that Rabobank is addressing this need through Rabosport.nl: ‘Sports enthusiasts can follow the daily experiences of 15 top athletes on the website. The athletes represent three sports that Rabobank has been supporting for more than 15 years: cycling, equestrian sports and hockey. The athletes also make the important role Rabobank plays in relation to these sports clear and visible.’ Rabosport.nl brings together the posts that the athletes share on social media including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The 15 athletes also each have their own site providing background information, news and posts.

Source of inspiration for others

Tom Taminiau says the athletes’ posts focus primarily on three topics. ‘One of the key topics is the Road to Rio, in other words their experiences in the run-up to the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. The posts also provide a behind-the-scenes look at the life of an athlete. What does an athlete do when they’re off the hockey field or not on a racing bicycle or horse? The third main topic is “Invested in each other”. This reflects the fact that athletes hardly ever achieve their top performances alone, but are almost always supported by an entire team around them. They also regularly give something back to help the local community. Just like Rabobank does. We highlight these activities and as a result the athletes also become a source of inspiration for others,’ says Taminiau.

The posts give sports fans a unique glimpse into the lives of athletes, says Taminiau. ‘You can, for example, read about Ellen Hoog’s personal passion for healthy nutrition. And find out about Jacky Schoenaker’s love of Amsterdam and Ajax. They tell their own stories in their own unique way.’

The athletes participating for field hockey are Maartje Paumen, Ellen Hoog, Jacky Schoenaker, Robbert Kemperman, Robert van der Horst and Sander de Wijn. Rabosport.nl cyclists are Marianne Vos, Laurine van Riessen, Anna van der Breggen, Michiel van der Heijden, Laura Smulders, Teun Mulder and a paralympic athlete. For equestrian sports fans can find Maikel van der Vleuten, Tim Lips and Rixt van der Horst on the website.

Marianne Vos

Marianne Vos 300px She calls herself a full-time hobby cyclist. But every cycling enthusiast knows better. There’s not another woman on earth who has won as many medals as this cyclist from the province of Brabant in the southern part of the Netherlands. On the track, road or off-road, Marianne Vos is unbeatable. It all started when she got her first racing bicycle when she was just six years old. She began by beating her brother in races. In the years that followed, countless other opponents would see Marianne ride to victory. On Rabosport.nl, Marianne Vos talks about what drives her on long training rides and her work for social projects such as the Youth Sports Fund.

Tim Lips

Tim Lips 300pxTim Lips was pretty much destined to be a successful show jumper. His father Martin was a top international rider and his mother was also an active equestrian. Tim has been a formidable opponent in the jumping arena since the tender age of eight. Tim Lips’ posts appeal to everybody who loves equestrian sports and horses. On Rabosport.nl he tells how he is preparing for the 2016 Olympics and how he pampers his horses after a competition.

Maartje Paumen

Maartje Paumen 300px What would Dutch women’s field hockey do without Maartje Paumen? It’s a question you ask yourself when you look at her impressive list of accomplishments. Maartje has more than 200 international match games, 161 goals, two gold Olympic medals and numerous European and world titles. She’s the captain of the Dutch national team and the HC ’s-Hertogenbosch team, but she still wants more. She has now set her sights on a third gold medal at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Hockey fans can read on Rabosport.nl how Maartje Paumen made the transformation from a shy girl into the top scorer of all time in the Hoofdklasse (top tier of the Dutch national hockey league system) and how she hates to lose.