Dutch Agri Food Week: good food, better world

During the Dutch Agri Food Week food, innovation and food production are the focus of the theme: Good Food, Better World. Farmers and entrepreneurs, retail, government and science show how they work on healthy food, and access to food for ourselves, and for over 9 billion people worldwide. In the future.

The Dutch Agri Food week shows the latest innovations on food and food production and a modern sector, internationally, a chance to study and work for and to invest in. We show that we are not only the most productive, but also a very innovative sector in the Netherlands. And how we work together on sustainable food systems, for now and in the future. This yearly event is for everyone who is interested in food and food production. Professionals and consumers. Goal is to enable innovation, share knowledge and to enjoy nice and healthy food and is held from the 9th until the 19th of October, 2017. Rabobank co-operates with about 300 business partners.