Rural entrepreneurs need to broaden their vision to create a sustainable food supply

Not only is the world population growing rapidly, with the United Nations predicting that the earth will be home to 9 billion people by 2050, but we are also living longer. More mouths to feed means more food needs to be produced, and that's the responsibility of the world's farmers. Yet farmers everywhere are facing food production challenges – they need to produce more with fewer resources, while also being sustainable. These 'rural entrepreneurs' are the future of farming, but increasingly have to search for solutions to problems that affect us all.

Below are the key food production challenges that farmers everywhere face.

  1. Social enabling factors

    How to unlock the agricultural potential of developing countries?

  2. Sustainability

    How do we produce more food with fewer resources?

  3. Succession

    How do we enable the next generation to take over as farmers?

  4. Supply chain

    How do we balance the chain from 'farm to fork'?

  5. Science

    How do we innovate and increase sustainable production?

  6. Social media

    How do we leverage social to facilitate collaboration among farmers and reconnect producers and consumers?

Feeding a growing world

Every month the world grows with another 5 million mouths to feed. Quite a challenge and we look to farmers to provide solutions. But how are they coping with the global food production issues? And are they managing to innovate, enabling their farms to thrive? We have gone to the source to learn what we can do to help, and you can read the farmers’ personal stories to find out what they are doing to try to solve today’s food issues. Order the book today through