Banco Terra Mozambique

Unlocking the agricultural potential of Mozambique. We believe that through long term engagement we can make a difference.

Banco Terra was established in 2008 to serve clients in urban and rural Mozambique. Its aim is to be the country’s leading food and agriculture bank, and to combat poverty by providing all Mozambicans with access to affordable credit and financial services.

As one of Banco Terra’s founders, Rabo Development holds a 49 percent stake in the bank and  provides key management services and technical assistance.

Agriculture is the backbone of Mozambique’s economy. It provides employment to over 75 percent
of the workforce and accounts for roughly a quarter of its GDP. And yet, only 10 percent of arable land is currently put to productive use.

Banco Terra intends to take the lead in developing the country’s vast untapped agricultural potential. How? By financing the growth of smallholder associations and by helping improve their organisation, skills and expertise. To this end, Rabo Development is providing key agricultural know-how that will help Banco Terra achieve this goal.

Banco Terra opened its first branch in the capital, Maputo, and a second soon followed in the agriculturally-rich northern region. By 2010, the network had grown to nine branches. A healthy sign, because efficient distribution is a key element in Banco Terra’s strategy to serve dispersed communities in what is a rather large country.

Rabo Development plays its part by helping Banco Terra develop guarantees for rice and sugar cooperatives. Guarantees that provide farmers with extra security unavailable from most other banks in Mozambique.

Food & agri is a key segment for Banco Terra. But other sectors of society are also targeted: retail customers, SMEs and corporate clients. For them, Banco Terra is developing a full product range, including ATM coverage and mobile banking. Additionally, Banco Terra is active in on-lending to Microfinance institutions. Rabo Development has experienced consultants on hand to support the bank on a daily basis, as it continues to grow in all these sectors of the market.

Banco Terra

Employees 159
Customers 15,600
Outlets 8
Total assets EU R 50 million
Rabobank’s stake 49%

Banco Terra Mozambique

Office Address Avenida Samora Machel, 323
P.O. Box 69, Maputo, Mozambique
Telephone +258 21 35 99 00
Fax +258 21 31 61 30