Banco Regional Paraguay

From agriculture to broader Paraguayan horizons. Strong personal relationships and intimate knowledge of agricultural processes are hallmarks of Banco Regional’s customer-focused approach.

Banco Regional was founded in 1991 by farmers, as a regional bank centered around Encarnación and primarily active in the farming communities in the southwest of Paraguay. There, the bank focuses on supporting and financing farming businesses and cooperatives in areas neglected by other financial institutions.

Rabobank acquired a 40 percent strategic minority interest in Banco Regional in 2008. The following year, we supported the acquisition of the Paraguayan business of ABN AMRO that resulted in the formation of Paraguay’s largest bank in food and agribusiness. Now, Banco Regional is combining its own heritage with a wider focus on small and medium sized  businesses outside agriculture, and strengthening operations in the entire business community. In the future, it plans to expand into all areas of retail and wholesale banking.

To this end, a Rabobank specialist has been assigned to Banco Regional to head up operations and IT for three years. His expertise is assisting in mitigating operational risks and improving efficiency.

Rabo International Advisory Services (RIAS) supports Banco Regional with technical assistance on several areas. Examples are risk management, credit trainings, internal audit, mobile banking, value propositions and many more. Furthermore, training on the job and study tours to several entities of the Rabobank Group are facilitated to strengthen the capacity building of managers and employees at Banco Regional.

Paraguay’s food and agricultural sector holds much promise, accounting for a quarter of GDP and providing nearly half of the population with an income. Soybeans are farmed in vast quantities, and the country is a major beef producer.

As well as helping Banco Regional exploit the domestic and international potential of these opportunities, Rabo Development is providing building blocks for a proposition for agri-value chain financing, and for a strategy designed to position Banco Regional at the spearhead of nationwide full-service banking for all customer segments. And while doing so, preserving the customer intimacy and local involvement that has always been the unique strength of Banco Regional.

Banco Regional

Customers 104.000
Outlets 37
Total assets USD 2,2 bln.
Rabobank’s stake 38%


Banco Regional Paraguay

Office Address Estrella 44333 esq, Alberdi,
Asunción, PARAGUAY
Telephone +595-021 419 00 00 or +595-071 204 740