Partner Banks

Together we can achieve more

Rabobank is reaffirming its mission as a cooperative bank in other parts of the world, with the purpose of providing access to financial services.

We are active in developing countries with economic, political and social stability. The starting point of providing improved financial services is, typically, an institution with opportunities and ambitions, but with a shortage of practical banking competences. For example not enough money, insufficient management talent and/or absence of suitable technology. We provide more than just monetary funds. The first step is always an agreement between all relevant stakeholders about the strategy of the institution moving forward. Only once a consensus has been reached, is the next step taken: a capital injection – in the form of minority holding in the bank concerned.

  • Banco Finterra

    Banco Finterra is a bank focused on becoming the leading financial services provider for Farmers, Food & Beverage SMEs and Agri-Corporates in Mexico.

  • LAAD

    LAAD focuses on export oriented companies in Latin America with loans ranging from USD200,000 to USD3,000,000.

  • DFCU

    DFCU is the 6th largest bank in Uganda with a strong presence in the SME market. The bank is expanding into retail banking and agricultural finance. In 2013, Rabo Development took a 27.5% stake in DFCU.

  • Banque Populaire du Rwanda

    Professionalising banking in Rwanda. Based upon our in-depth knowledge of cooperative models and agri finance Rabo Development and BPR make a natural match.

  • Banco Terra Mozambique

    Unlocking the agricultural potential of Mozambique. We believe that through long term engagement we can make a difference.

  • NMB Bank

    Providing affordable banking in Tanzania. Moving from the biggest to the best.

  • Zambia National Commercial Bank

    It is the mission of Rabo Development and the Zambia National Commercial Bank to make finance accessible for all Zambians.

  • Banco Regional Paraguay

    From agriculture to broader Paraguayan horizons. Strong personal relationships and intimate knowledge of agricultural processes are hallmarks of Banco Regional’s customer-focused approach.

  • Banco Sicredi Brazil

    People who cooperate grow. That’s the motto for the Sicredi cooperative system. With the support of Rabo Development, Sicredi wants to seize retail banking opportunities in Brazil.