Zambia National Commercial Bank

It is the mission of Rabo Development and the Zambia National Commercial Bank to make finance accessible for all Zambians.

Zambia National Commercial Bank, commonly  known as Zanaco, serves retail customers, large corporations, agri-business and public sector clients. It is seen very much as ‘the people’s bank’.

Zanaco’s ambition is to be the leading bank in Zambia, offering cutting edge technology and regional banking services to all inhabitants: a case of making banking accessible to all. This aim perfectly  matches Rabo Development’s philosophy, which is one of the reasons Rabobank took a significant minority stake (46%) in the company in 2007.
With the aid of Rabobank’s management services and technical assistance, Zanaco –now the most solidly capitalised bank in Zambia– is on a healthy growth curve.

Agriculture plays an important role in the Zambian economy, and Zanaco has increased its focus in this area. New tailor-made products for farmers have been introduced, and more are to follow. Already, support networks provide small farmers with seasonal and term financing at special conditions, and over 3,500 farmers have already benefited from these schemes. The result: improved wealth creation and economic growth.

As well as engaging ever larger customer groups in government and business, Zanaco plays an active role in the communities served, supporting Zambians with relevant products and focused knowledge-building. Specifically, small and medium enterprises are offered made-to-fit financial products and specially targeted business training programmes.

And then within the Corporate Social Responsibility programme, there is a scheme called Financial Fitness, which promotes and stimulates financial literacy among children and adults. The programme has already reached more than 150 schools and 5,000 students.

Zambia National Commercial Bank

Employees 1,500
Customers 600,000
Outlets 188
Total assets EU R 700 million
Rabobank’s stake 46%


Zambia National Commercial Bank

Office Address Cairoroad
P.O. Box 33611, Lusaka, Zambia
Telephone +260 21 1221358
Fax +260 21 1223082