Access to finance in Rwanda

The Banque Populaire de Rwanda is a people’s bank, with 650,000 shareholder customers, and a formal structure very similar to the co-operatives that came to blossom in Europe over a century ago. That makes BPR an obvious partner for Rabobank, a global leader in co-operative finance and agriculture know-how.

Since the two banks joined forces in 2008, Rabobank has strengthened both BPR’s management and het balance sheet, and has helped introduce cutting-edge financial services tailored for the future needs of this very special part of Africa.

Duration 5:20 min

Language: English with Dutch subtitles

Access to finance in Rwanda

Banque Populaire du Rwanda (BPR) and Rabobank have been working in partnership since 2008 to transform BPR into a fully-fledged retail bank. It is all about reaching out and providing access to financial services to all Rwandans nearby their communities.