Arable, vegetable and plant products

Developments in sectors that give us products from the land, such as cacao, coffee, grains, vegetables, palm oil, rice, sugar, flowers and plants.

  • From potatoes to packaging design

    PaperFoam is a textbook example of a company that realises its revenue in the biobased economy.

  • Rabobank brings coffee industry players together

  • New lease on life for Dutch greenhouse vegetable sector

  • A flourishing industry looking and moving ahead

  • Florensis: sowing the seeds of colour in its sector

  • Sustainable palm oil battle has to be won

  • The worlds of agriculture and chemical move towards each other

    The chemical industry is seeking alternatives to the oil it currently uses. This is necessary to address issues of sustainability and the recyclability of raw materials (circular economy).

  • Doing nothing is not an option for Dutch greenhouse vegetable sector

Photo series: 'from farm to plate'

View our photo series covering the entire food chain: from berry to espresso, from bean to bonbon, from water plant to world food staple.