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Can the works of the Rabo Art Collection be viewed offline?

At present, external visitors can only view the artworks online. We strive to enrich this online art experience. Certain pieces can be viewed at individual Rabobank branch offices or the corporate headquarters in Utrecht, although these are generally only accessible to employees. If you subscribe to our newsletter or visit our website frequently, you will be informed whenever works are loaned for exhibition and offline exhibitions take place.

Can I propose artists for the Rabo Art Collection, for example, by sending in or e-mailing documentation?

For our acquisitions, we follow our art policy and the recommendations of a select group of external advisors. Consequently, we cannot accept other recommendations or suggestions.

Through our now very extensive network in the art world, we closely follow artists who are in keeping with the art policy of Rabobank. We also attend galleries, ateliers and art fairs in the Netherlands and abroad. Additionally, since we maintain close contacts with the artists in the Rabo Art Collection, we generally have a good idea of what they are working on.

Is it possible to request the loan of a piece from the Rabo Art Collection?

Yes. To request the loan of a piece, send an e-mail to. Please provide a summary of the exhibition or occasion for which you are requesting the piece. Your request will be taken under consideration. We will consider whether the loan you request is relevant for the artist, the piece and the Rabo Art Collection.

Can I approach the Art Department for a tour for our group/institution/association/club?

Although we do not have our own exhibition space, we do offer opportunities to view selected pieces from the collection under supervision. You can submit any such requests by e-mail.

Does the Rabobank Art Department offer any internships?

We occasionally have an opening for an intern. To inquire about openings, contact us.

Is there someone at the Art Department who can answer a few questions for me, as part of my programme? (interview)

Requests for interviews may be sent to us by email, but please send any such requests well in advance. Time permitting, we will be able to take your questions.

Does the Art Department sponsor projects/books?

The Art Department has no budget for sponsoring.


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