The Rabo Art Department is responsible for the composition of a collection of museum-quality modern and contemporary Dutch artworks.

Our tasks and responsibilities are the following:

  • purchase of new works,
  • management and conservation of the Rabo Art Collection,
  • bringing together of the stories behind the collection,
  • connecting and cooperating with local Rabobanks and in partnership with third parties,
  • loans to museums both in the Netherlands and abroad.

In these tasks and responsibilities, we adhere first and foremost to our art policy, which is explained in short in our Vision. We report to the Art Committee*, which also functions as our touchstone. From the organisational perspective, the Art Department is a part of Communications & Corporate Affairs (CCA).

We communicate about our activities through the website, our electronic newsletter Xposé and on social media.

* The Art Committee represents the Rabobank Group in the art collection and art in general. The committee consists of at least five persons: a member of the Board of Directors (chairman), a deputy chairman (director CCA), the Head of the Art Department, members of the Rabobank Group and external advisors.

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