Donation to five Dutch museums

Since moving to the new advice centre, the works of Rabobank Salland were kept in the depot.

The local bank wanted to give their art a new and different destination, so people can enjoy the works again. Therefore Rabobank Salland donated 60 artworks to the collection of five Dutch museums in May 2014: Museum Zwolle, Kampen Municipal Museum, Rijksmuseum Twente, Museum van Bommel van Dam Museum and Het Domein. The other works are offered through an online auction, exclusively to members of Rabobank Salland. The proceeds of the auction then made a small new art project possible. Photographer and artist Erik Klein Wolterink made a photo shoot in which connection is made between the present, past, current art collection and the work.

For more information about the donation to Stedelijk Museum Zwolle click here.


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