Folkert de Jong in the entrance of Rabobank

The artwork of Folkert de Jong is back at home. The work Seht der Mensch. The Shooting Lesson (2007) was given in loan to museum KRANENBURGH for the exhibition Manifesten. Who’s familiar with the oeuvre of Folkert, knows that his work often contains large proportions. There were two trucks, a trailer and a van needed to transport the objects to the entrance of Rabobank. Four staff members and the artist himself were working all day to install the art piece.

The art piece is a real eye catcher. Not only because of the size, but also because of the expressive colors the work contains. The material Folkert uses is Polyurethane, also known as PUR foam. This material can be formed in every thinkable shape, but he has to be quick. The material solidifies within 30 seconds. Folkert came by to tell us about the artwork and his oeuvre. He told that he is fascinated by the chemical side of the material.

Folkert is partly inspired by Picasso. In his early work Picasso painted characters from a circus family. This ‘circus family’ is an inspiration for the characters that Folkert makes. In this art piece we also see this family.


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