Inez van Lamsweerde and Folkert de Jong in Stichting dertien hectare

'Ctrl + Alt + Del, de toekomst nu', is the eighth exhibition of Stichting dertien hectare in the Brabant Heeswijk-Dinther.

Dertien hectare

Village life is changing at social, cultural and economic level. Several 26 artists reflect these changes. The artworks are exhibited in special places: in the supermarket, in the former residence of a dairy in and around the Abbey of Berne and in the outside area with the young forest.

The words 'Control', 'Alternative' and 'Delete' refer to the moment in Brabant villages in 2015 where changes are inevitable. The subject of the exhibition is in line with current developments and initiatives in villages where liveability and accessibility are under pressure. The exhibition responds to this point by showing work at three key locations: at the citizen, at the brother and at the farmer.

The Rabo Art Collection has given for this exhibition Thank you Thighmaster, Britt (1993) by Inez van Lamsweerde and Heritage (2009) Folkert de Jong on loan. The exhibition is on display till June 28, 2015.


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