Jan Andriesse and Navid Nuur in Central Museum Utrecht

Central Museum Utrecht starts with a new exhibition on October 17th. This exhibition shall also show two works of the Rabo Art Collection. One work of Jan Andriesse and one work of Navid Nuur.

Light is something obvious. We all know light. As long as we exist, light is always there. And if it’s getting dark outside, we provide our own light. What does light even mean to us? The exhibition ‘Lekker Licht’ of Central Museum Utrecht tries to find an answer to that question. Through visual art, fashion, design and music videos, the visitor experiences what light does. In addition there’s an interactive program that provides the visitor the chance to experiment with different forms of light.

De exhibition Lekker Licht runs from October 17 2015 till January 24 2016 in Central Museum Utrecht.

For more information, you can visit: http://centraalmuseum.nl/bezoeken/tentoonstellingen/lekker-licht.


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