New purchases of Matthew Monahan and Rezi van Lankveld

Recently the Rabobank did two beautiful additions to the collection, a collage of Matthew Monahan (1972) and a painting of Rezi van Lankveld. We already have several pieces in the collection of both artists, and we’re happy to complement the collection with these purchases.

Matthew Monahan is a sculptor, but also makes wonderful drawings and collages. He isn’t a typical sculptor, because he often starts his works with a two-dimensional idea. We have several works on paper of him wherein you can see the mix between two- and three-dimensional. In this last purchase not only the size and the subject (a classic mother and child) are convincing, but also the typical Monahan visual language. It seems like we’re looking at an image with a historical background, until we realize it’s Monohans own futuristic handwriting. The title leads to confusion: ‘Spoon Jab’ is street language for a retarded person, that can’t eat with knife and work, but uses a spoon to mash his food. Monahan serves us food for thought with his work.

In first instance, the paintings of Rezi van Lankveld stood out because of the monochrome colors she used. Only grey and purple black tones. She paints abstract compositions, wherein you can discover still-lifes after you’ve studied them for a while. The last couple of years, Van Lankveld is adding more colors to her paintings. This evolution is showed in the recent work ‘Perroquet’ (2015). Modest of size, but with monumental allure.


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