Art at home: 100 unique works on paper by Koen Delaere

Paint, canvas and sometimes a spray can.

Paint, canvas and sometimes a spray can. Koen Delaere is a true painter who believes the ‘legibility’ of his paintings is crucially important.

Painting as a physical activity

You smell it the second you step into Koen Delaere’s studio – this artist works with paint. Many layers, bold colours and thick daubs. ‘Painting should be a physical activity,’ says Delaere and that is plain to see. The painter has got paint on everything in the room, from the floor and walls to the furniture.

This year we asked Tilburg-based artist Koen Delaere (Bruges, 1970) to create the Special Art Offer. Delaere recently spent two months in the US on the invitation of the Mondriaan Fund. While travelling and working in the country during this period, he created on our request 100 unique works on paper while in Los Angeles.

Delaere made sketches while taking long hikes through Yoshua Tree, Zion, Big Sur, Lake Havasu, Topanga and Yosemite Park. He then finished the works at his temporary studio in West Hollywood. He used his rental car as the press for the final layer of paint, which is completely in line with the artist’s do-it-yourself attitude.

Koen Delaere

Koen Delaere lives and works in Tilburg in the southern part of the Netherlands. His work has been exhibited in numerous museums and exhibition spaces in Europe, the United States, Japan and Brazil. He won the prestigious Wolvecamp Award for Painting in 2007. He is part of the generation of artists that is re-exploring the possibilities of abstraction and expression. In order to give himself maximum freedom on the canvas, he restricts the parameters in advance. He uses only standard-sized canvases and colours directly from the tube and a predetermined rhythm in his movements. This means music also plays a major role in this creative process.

Delaere believes it is important that a work of art be ‘legible’. This means every movement he makes while painting is visible in the end result. He consequently always creates his works in one session. It could take thirty minutes or ten hours, but Delaere never continues working on a painting the next day.

He has created a Special Art Offer for Rabobank comprising 100 unique works on paper. This Special Art Offer was very successful. There are only a few works left. The after sale will start 14 April 2017 via We Like Art.


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