Tom Claassen donates artwork

Since the beginning of July the artwork Legwoord (Benetarium) by Tom Claassen embellishes the main entrance of the Rabobank. This exquisite installation was already donated to the Rabobank in December 2015 by the artist.

Tom Claassen (1964) is one of the most discernible artists in The Netherlands. Thousands drive by his five gigantic elephant sculptures near a traffic intersection just outside Almere. At Schiphol Airport passengers can admire his ‘Snowmen’ which stands next to the entrance of the D-pier. And even nearby the Rabobank one can set eyes on a massive rabbit made out of bronze.

This particular installation was originally made by Tom Claassen in 2010 due to his overview exhibition in the Kunsthal KAdE in Amersfoort. Unfortunately the artwork went into storage after the exhibition and the biggest object was destroyed as a result of lacking space. In collaboration with the artist the 8 existing objects were provided with a new polyester coating and in 2016 Tom Claassen made in commission by the Rabobank Art Collection a new 9th object, which replaced the earlier on destroyed one. With this decision the installation is once again complete and can be admired in the main entrance of the Rabobank, Croeselaan 18 in Utrecht.

Tom Claassen:
“…I’m trying to create a Legwood or Benetarium, which is an image consisting consecutive volumes held up by legs. It looks like one of these classical skeletons one can see in museums. The reconstruction always misses a few pieces of the puzzle. For me it is important how it stand, with these fences. How do the different volumes relate to one another? And maybe even more meaningful: what is missing? I want to make sure that everyone can apprehend that it’s correct like this.’’

Photography: Rabobank Art Collection | Legwood (Benetarium) 2010-2017 | plaster with a polyester coating, steel and wood, multiple shapes. | Rabobank Art Collection


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