Art at home: 100 unique works on paper by Robert Zandvliet

Wildlife & a contemporary expression

This year we asked Robert Zandvliet (Terband, 1970) to create the Special Art Offer exclusively for Rabobank. His goal is to impart the traditional pictorial art with a contemporary embodiment. ‘’I’m always looking around and my work is all about these observations. That is the main reason why my paintings do not have a title’’.

He didn’t travel far for his images, because he took a journey in his mind. The painted mountain shapes can been seen as modified realism. The art works seem familiar, but yet different than well-known. This is exactly the paradox that causes the level of appeal in the landscapes by Zandvliet.

About the artist

Robert Zandvliet is one of the best Dutch painters. He lives and works in Haarlem and went to the art academy in Kampen. Researching structures is one of the key elements in his art. He is constantly occupied with contemplating, shaping and unraveling, where small adjustments create room for dynamics.

You can see and purchase the 100 unique art works on the following website:

Robert Zandvliet, untitled, 2017, gouache paint and chalk on paper, 56, 5 x 41,4 cm.
Price: € 450,- incl. VAT (excl. Shipping cost). The art works are numbered and signed on the rear side.


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