Rabo Art Collection explores museum Kranenburgh

From prehistorical cave figures to the modern day citizen: the American artist Matthew Monahan draws inspiration from their primitive, mystical, classical or every day beauty and assembles a new strange looking human who does not have to stick to the status-quo.

A collaboration between museum Kranenburgh and the Rabo Art Collection has resulted in an exquisite exhibition concerning Matthew Monahan. The exhibition Matthew Monahan – human image can be seen in the museum from the 8th of October 2017 till the 7th of January 2018. The museum will be open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11am till 5pm. An earlier collaboration between the museum and the Rabo Art Collection was seen in the winter of 2015, when Joost Zwagerman compiled the exposition Silence out loud.

The materials used by Monahan are atypical and appear in wonderful combinations, like the fragile paper and brutal rocks that are used for his sculpture St Julian and Wall (2009). Monahan would like to dominate the entire creative process. That is why all the components that are used in his art are made by himself. Monahan’s work questions us about the present time and cultural vision of the human image in combination with humor and bold decisions. He creates a peculiar, new type of human being who could not be further away from reality. We can set eyes on the shadows of a humanistic warrior in the work Rust never sleeps (2011), or could it be possible that we recognize a lady?

Monahan studied at the Rietveld Academy and with the Ateliers Amsterdam. He works and lives in Los Angeles and is married to Lara Schnitger, a visual artist who is included in the Rabo Art Collection.

More information can be found on the following website: www.kranenburgh.nl

Photography: Gert Jan van Rooij and courtesy of the gallery | Rust never sleeps 2011| patinated bronze, stainless steel, bronze plate, gypsum screws, mortar and bricks | 210 x 57 x 57 cm | Rabo Art Collection


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