Art on a journey – loans from the Rabo Art Collection

The Rabo Art Collection is very dynamic: our art works are often lent to museums and companies in the Netherlands and abroad so that as many people as possible can enjoy them. At the moment, you can see art works from the Rabo Art Collection in Oss, Sittard, Amsterdam and ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

You are what you eat

At present, it is one of the world’s biggest challenges: how can everyone be supplied with good and affordable food? In order to find an answer to this question, maybe we first have to change our way of looking at food. This is exactly what de exhibition We are food – over de kunst van voedsel (on the art of food) in the Jan Cunen Museum does: it challenges the visitor to open up his view and to get motivated by new ideas. Each of the works from i.a. painting, photography, installation and design shows a different way of looking at food. In doing so, the works by René Daniëls (La Muse Vénale), Marc Mulders (Stilleven VI (vogels)), Inez van Lamsweerde (Cola Twins), Maria Roosen (Monster-collier) and Cornelie Tollens (Lips of Beauty) from the Rabo Art Collection are an important contribution.
We Are Food – over de kunst van voedsel | 25-02 t/m 16-09-2018 | Museum Jan Cunen, Oss |

Love for objects

Originally designed as tools to survive, material things are nowadays indispensable for the world we live in – a world of consumption that slowly exhausts earth. This phenomenon makes many artists curious: why are we that much attached to objects and where does this love lead to? The exhibition Object Love in the De Domijnen Museum in Sittard gives artists the possibility propose their answer to these and other questions. One of them is Hans Op de Beeck, whose video work Staging Silence belongs to the Rabo Art Collection.
Object Love - Een tentoonstelling over onze intieme relatie met dingen | 14-04 t/m 02-09-2018 | Museum De Domijnen, Sittard |

Art as common ground

At the exhibition Common Ground, the AkzoNobel Art Foundation invites everyone to examine the role art can play in building a common ground. Artists have a special ability to sense interpersonal relations; in this connection, meeting places and communication patterns play a significant role. This multidisciplinary exhibition examines how these places and patters influence our common lives. One of the art works shown is Guido van der Werve’s Nummer acht - Everything is going to be allright from the Rabo Art Collection.
Common ground | AkzoNobel Art Space, Amsterdam | 19-04 t/m 19-10-2018 |

Home in a transcultural environment

Due to globalization, advanced technique and international agreements, the world has become small for us. We can easily travel to distant countries and are surrounded by different cultures in our daily life. Actually, we’re at home everywhere – still, it seems to be increasingly difficult to find a real home. By means of art, the exhibition Neue Heimat (new home) in the Willem Twee Art Space examines how our definition of ‘home’ changed over time and how we build new living environments. Artist Helen Verhoeven shows with her painting Mother 7 from the Rabo Art Collection that our own family plays an important role in this connection.
Neue Heimat | 08-05 t/m 08-07-2018 | Willem Twee Kunstruimte, Den Bosch |


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