Art gives us a look at the world and the time in which we live. It is the barometer of society. And that makes it something very fitting for a bank at the heart of society. That's why we offer contemporary artists a forum in the Rabo Art Collection.

Our collection is a good reflection of the broad spectrum of contemporary art since 1950. The focus in the collection is the works that represent a turning point in the artist's oeuvre. This is how we are playing a part in caring for the cultural heritage of tomorrow.

Art is made from stories. About life and how we relate to it. And a story only comes to life when it is told. This is why we are pleased to be able to share the Rabo Art Collection. We do this, for example, by loaning works to museums.

But we also share the collection with you. Browsing through the online Rabo Art Collection, you can not only get lost in the works, but learn all about them, compose your own collection, and share your favourites.


Rabo Art Collection

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