Being yourself

Whatever your gender identity or sexual preference, everyone is free to be themselves at Rabobank. We strive to facilitate a culture in which LGBTQI+ individuals feel safe, because if you don’t dare to talk about your partner or your preferences, you can’t be the best version of yourself.

There are several ways that we at Rabobank show that employees are free to be themselves. Every year, we celebrate Coming Out Day together by raising the rainbow flag at Rabobank locations. Rabobank has also participated in the Gay Parade in Amsterdam and the MidZomerGracht festival in Utrecht for many years.

Since 2017, we have donated our own place in the Amsterdam Canal Parade by giving a Support Card to a foundation that works for LGBTQI+ causes. That way, an organization that can’t pay to sign up for the event itself can still participate in the Canal Parade. In so doing, we not only support an inclusive culture internally, but also offer other organizations an opportunity to do the same.

Most trans-friendly employer in the Netherlands

In late 2019, Rabobank was presented with the Transzoenprijs for trans-friendly employers. Chantal Visser, security officer at Rabobank, nominated her employer for the award. When she told her supervisors Ed Vedder and Leo Vulto that she wanted to continue her career as a woman, they assured her of their full support. Chantal’s accounts were changed to her new name, the administration was updated, and with the help of her supervisors she informed her colleagues of her decision. With that done, as of 1 May 2018 Chantal could start performing her duties as a woman.


The power of our network: Rainbow

The LGBTQI+ network Rainbow plays an important role in creating an open and inclusive culture within Rabobank. It offers LGBTQI+ employees the opportunity to join together and discuss genderand sexual diversity at the bank. To that end, the members of the network organize activities and develop a wide range of initiatives.