Gender diversity targets

Gender diversity is important at Rabobank for a number of reasons. An example is that more women (52%) work at Rabobank than men (48%), but the distribution of men and women in the top jobs is unbalanced. However, we want to make full use of all the talents that we have in our company.

Furthermore, we need a good combination of masculine and feminine characteristics, because a one-sided team composition leads to tunnel vision and group thinking. Therefore, targets have been set in order to promote the progression of women to the top. In the meantime, one in four top positions at Rabobank is occupied by a woman. Rabobank’s goal for 2020 is to have 30% female senior executives and 40% female executives. In an interview with Ingrid Thijssen, top manager of the year in 2016, Wiebe Draijer (Rabobank CEO) explains why he feels that diversity is important for the company.

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