The power of inclusiveness and diversity

Rabobank maintains an active diversity policy. On the one hand, it does this by creating teams that are diverse in gender, cultural background, age and the like, and on the other hand by creating a corporate culture in which people are open to each other’s backgrounds and no one is excluded. That’s part of our position in the community. As a result, our services will also better match the wishes of our customers.

Rabobank believes that diversity contributes to a better performance by the bank, as well as promoting creativity and innovation within the bank. Employees who represent different customer groups are also more attuned to the various needs of customers and provide superior service. Finally, a diverse workforce also ensures a greater variety of skills and competences, making it easier for us to adapt to changes and improve our results.

Diversity refers to variety between people in terms of sex, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, and mental and physical state. Managing diversity involves making the most of these differences between people, so that everyone feels appreciated and people can develop their full potential within our organisation.

One prerequisite for realising greater diversity is an inclusive culture: a culture in which everyone can be themselves and in which employees feel respected and valued on the basis of who they are.

Our diversity policy focuses on three ‘diversity dimensions’:

Questions about Diversity?

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