Jan Vink, Indonesia

Clean water for schools and communities

The Jan Vink Stichting, a Dutch foundation, develops small-scale projects to improve the living conditions of some of Indonesia’s most destitute communities, mainly serving the disabled and the elderly.

The foundation works in conjunction with its local partner in Indonesia, the Yayasan Kewan Sejalan (YKS) foundation – the name roughly translates as ‘Getting there together’. The foundation and local residents in Patuk have designed a plan to improve the water supply in their own community. The existing well, which was located beside a school for children with disabilities, was built on top of a hill and therefore not equipped to hold large quantities of water. Community members were able to increase the supply by drilling a deeper well and many local residents helped out by providing access to land and joining in the construction of the new well. The school will have no problem maintaining the well in the future, as maintenance costs are covered by the modest fee users pay the school. By investing in a new, strong pump for the well, the school and the community are able to meet their basic needs over the long term – all in the most sustainable way possible.


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