All kids join in

Sport and culture for every child

Every week hundreds of thousands of children watch their friends go off to clubs where they play sport, dance, learn music or drama. But they can’t go with them. And they often miss out on school trips as well: simply because their family can’t afford it.

In the Netherlands, the Youth Sport Fund, the Youth Culture Fund, and the Association for Funding Learning (Leergeld) help these children to join a club or take part in activities inside and outside school. Which is why Rabobank Foundation supports these three organisations.

Dreaming of a future

Giving children the opportunity to take part in sport or culture helps them join in with their friends. And sport and culture are good for their health, concentration, self-confidence and ambition. Thanks to the organisations which we support, children can dream of a wonderful future – for example as a professional footballer or a professional dancer. And daring to chase your dreams takes you places.


  • Youth Sport Fund, Youth Culture Fund and ‘Leergeld’ Foundation

    In the Netherlands, 400,000 children are growing up in poverty. They do not have money to play sports, take music lessons or go on school trips.