Youth Sport Fund, Youth Culture Fund and ‘Leergeld’ Foundation

Sport and culture for disadvantaged children

In the Netherlands, 400,000 children are growing up in poverty. They do not have money to play sports, take music lessons or go on school trips. Luckily, some organisations make funds available for these purposes, such as the Youth Sport Fund (Jeugdsportfonds), the Youth Culture Fund (Jeugdcultuurfonds) and the Leergeld Foundation.

The groups aim to help children aged 4 to 18. The Youth Sport Fund helps pay for uniforms or club contributions, for example. The Youth Culture Fund focuses on arts and culture activities, from violin to drama lessons. The Leergeld Foundation helps fund participation in sport and culture as well as paying for school supplies and trips.

Peer participation

The organisations aim to reach as many children as possible. To do so, they are working with more and more municipal and provincial governments. They all share the belief that all children have a right to participate and that all children should be able to enjoy sport and culture. It contributes to their happiness and their development. Money should never be an obstacle to taking part.

How Rabobank Foundation is helping

Since 2010 we have donated more than 2 million euros to the Youth Sport Fund, Youth Culture Fund and the Leergeld Foundation. This funding enables these organisations to cooperate with municipalities in order to reach out to as many children as possible. In 2016, in part due to our contribution, more than 139,000 children from disadvantaged families were able to participate in sport, culture and school activities.