Dutch Council for Refugees

Getting to know the job market

Refugees would like nothing better than a job and the opportunity to make a living. But it is often very difficult for them to find work, even if they have a residence permit. VluchtelingenWerk Nederland (Dutch Council for Refugees) helps them find their footing.

Once completing a civic integration course, refugees are obliged to find their own way to further assimilate to and integrate in Dutch society. Finding a job is essential in this respect, but the path to employment is not always easy. Often, the way their professions are practised in the Netherlands is very different. And interaction with employers and colleagues is rarely identical to what they know. In short, refugees have a lot of adjusting to do on the Dutch job market.

Self-aware job choices

The Dutch Council for Refugees gives refugees the chance to get acquainted with the job market. Four hundred professional job coaches are on hand to share their expertise. The refugees are able to go on job tasters or work experience, do volunteer work and visit companies. This can help them to independently make a self-aware career choice that corresponds to their opportunities, ambitions and talents.

How Rabobank Foundation is helping

The Dutch Council for Refugees received a joint donation from Rabobank Foundation and Rabo Foundation Klantenfonds in 2016. The money makes it possible to train 400 volunteer job coaches. It will also go to introducing 1,500 refugees with residency status to the Dutch job market.