Work despite hearing loss

People with hearing loss tend to find it harder to get a job and are more likely to lose their job. ‘Unacceptable’ say the Dutch interest groups for the deaf and hard of hearing. Which is why they launched the Grow2work project.

There are 1.3 million deaf or hard of hearing people in the Netherlands. The Grow2Work project helps as many of these people as possible to find a job and then keep it for longer. It also conducts research into the issues employers face when staff are deaf or hard of hearing. And it shares this information on the Grow2work community platform and other channels.

Inspiration sessions

The online platform is open to deaf and hard of hearing people who are in work or who are looking for a job. They can exchange experiences, share tips and useful information. The community activities are mostly virtual, but people can also attend training courses and inspiration sessions. All to ensure a future in which hearing problems cease to pose problems on the labour market.

How Rabobank Foundation helps

We donate to the Netherlands Federation of Parents of Deaf Children (FODOK) to further develop Grow2Work. The aim is to organize meetings, to help the community grow to 1000 members (end of 2018) and to draw up a plan for financial self-reliance. The project receives money from other funds as well.