Employment support for people with autism

Their job applications are rejected or they lose their job in no time. Such is the fate of many thousands of well-educated people with autism. ITvitae helps this specific group of people to find long-term employment.

The social enterprise supports these people — acting as an intermediary, and providing coaching and apprenticeships leading to paid employment in the ICT-sector. In some cases, after at least 12 months they are awarded a recognised diploma developed by ITvitae itself. The company is run by experienced entrepreneurs. At this time it offers positions to 60 potential ICT professionals every year. Their ambition is to expand this number – certainly in view of the increase in applications from all over the Netherlands.

Mutual understanding

Autism takes many forms. Common to all cases is the fact that the brain processes information differently. This means that people with autism often have difficulty with social interactions, figurative use of language and sensitivity to stimuli. ITvitae’s role as an intermediary between people with autism and potential employers fosters mutual understanding: an essential foundation for a good working relationship.

How Rabobank Foundation helps

We donated to ITvitae, to help them develop ICT training courses and pre-finance apprentice programmes which have still to reach break-even. The donation means that ITvitae can train and support people with autism in their search for employment.