Employment perspectives after vocational education

Almost 30,000 young people in the Netherlands see their choices limited to practical vocational courses because the theoretical side is beyond their abilities. This limits their job opportunities. JINC expands these opportunities with customised flash placements and job-search training.

JINC puts the students into contact with potential employers so that they get a better idea of their options on the labour market. Until recently the non-profit organisation focused purely on students following a theoretical vocational certificate course, but they have now added a programme for young people on practical vocational courses. This covers 270 students at this time.

Special course material

The programme participants are given special course material and the chance to visit four companies. During these flash placements they get down to work as well. For instance, they learn to bake bread, stack supermarket shelves or do cleaning jobs. And they follow a job-search training with a very practical approach: HR specialists and business managers visit the course to explain exactly what makes a good job application. All to improve their chances of getting a job.

How Rabobank Foundation helps

In partnership with JINC we have developed the ‘Employment perspective for disadvantaged young people’ programme and provided a donation amount. The programme gives access to our network as well. JINC works in partnership not just with Rabobank Foundation, but also with local Rabobanks in Amsterdam, Haarlem/Haarlemmermeer, Schiphol, Rotterdam and Utrecht.