Buddy in the workplace

First find a job, then keep it. And while you’re at it, get on well with your colleagues. This can be a quite a struggle for the tens of thousands of young people in the Netherlands with a mental disability. JobBuddies to the rescue.

This programme, from the BestBuddies Association, helps them find a job and a ‘buddy’. A buddy is a colleague who helps you in the workplace and answers your questions. The programme also provides educational materials to employers and staff. This gives them more insight into how colleagues with a mental disability experience the world.

Long-term work

Often companies don’t have time to give proper guidance to young people with a mental disability. JobBuddies helps businesses give these people a long-term job. Thanks to the programme young people with a mental disability take less sick leave. They feel that their employer understands them, which helps them do their job better. At the same time their colleagues experience how important it is for everybody to take part in society. And see at close-hand how to achieve that aim.

How Rabobank Foundation helps

We have provided JobBuddies with a donation to give them a good start. The objective is to provide a buddy for 330 young people with a mental disability. A business model is in development so that the programme can run independently in 2018.