Match and Work

Reducing labour market disadvantage

Ever more companies are taking on people who have trouble getting a job — due to a disability for example. Many of these people find themselves out of a job again after a few months. Match and Work helps prevent this.

Under participation legislation in the Netherlands companies are obliged to take on people with a labour market disadvantage. Many organizations realize they need additional support to be able to recruit, select and coach this vulnerable group of employees. Match and Work helps these companies and is more than willing to share its knowledge. The social enterprise advises the company, and helps create a project plan and suitable workplace.

Sustainable employment relationship

Match and Work also helps with practical implementation support. It recruits and selects employees – together with other social enterprises, local councils, social security agencies, and care and welfare bodies. Added to this, Match and Work provides coaching on the job: tailor-made in the workplace for a period of two to three months. This coaching focuses on the employee, his or her supervisor and the team. On request Match and Work can continue this ‘job coaching’ for another three years. All of this improves the chances of a sustainable employment relationship. And the chances that people with an illness or disability will become more self-reliant.

How Rabobank Foundation helps

Together with Rabobank Breda we met the financing need of Match and Work. Rabobank Breda set up a business current account loan for the social enterprise. Rabobank Foundation made it possible for a loan to finance start-up costs and to bridge payment time.