Not for Sale

A new life after exploitation

Some 1,700 victims of human trafficking live in The Netherlands. Subject to exploitation, as prostitutes for instance. Once they are freed and end up in a shelter, they often have no idea what to do next. That’s where the Not for Sale foundation comes in.

A false promise of a better future. That’s often how victims are lured to the Netherlands, only to end up in a form of modern slavery. 80 percent of them are women. The ones who are freed often have no idea how to function in society, let alone find a job. Not for Sale helps them. The foundation opens up opportunities for honest work and training so that they can make a start on a proper future. A future they may have been denied for years.

Control over your life

In the Dignita restaurant in Amsterdam-Zuid over 120 women can follow an apprenticeship through Not for Sale. At the end they receive a certificate and a job or a follow-up placement, which helps them regain control over their lives. Recently the successful restaurant opened a second location in central Amsterdam. Not for Sale is also developing a special store concept to sell products made by victims of human trafficking.

How Rabobank Foundation helps

Not for Sale was given a donation in 2015. This allows 120 victims of human trafficking to follow an apprenticeship, obtain an acknowledged diploma or certificate and get help towards a job or a follow-up placement.