OUR label Breda

Self-reliance through work and training

The Netherlands numbers around 216,000 long-term unemployed. Often these people want to find a job but lack the necessary qualifications, experience and skills. At ONS label (OUR label) Breda they can gain work experience and acquire a formal training certificate.

Social enterprise ONS label Breda offers more than seventy on-the-job training placements each year. The positions are very varied. Like house painting? Then you can opt for a placement with the handyman service. Happier at the sewing machine putting together leather bags? Then there’s the sewing studio. In addition, there are opportunities in the restaurant or cleaning services. At ONS label Breda people can choose the kind of work that interests them. Being able to choose incentivizes them to keep at it and to develop their skills.

Personal development

ONS label Breda targets people aged 18 to 65, many of whom have not been in paid work for years. For many, getting back to work and holding their own in a paid position represents a significant challenge. That’s why ONS label Breda offers more than just on-the-job training placements. Participants receive a personal budget for their activities. Intended for professional training and courses in personal development. That way they regain their self-reliance and can go on to take up paid work.

How Rabobank Foundation helps

Rabobank Foundation donated in 2017 a sum to ONS label Breda for the development of its training programme. The programme comprises both courses in personal development and professional training courses by accredited educational institutions.