Radio509 Academy

Radio producers with a visual disability

More than 350,000 people in the Netherlands are blind or visually impaired. This makes it next to impossible for them to find work. Radio509 Academy is not fazed by the challenge this presents, and is taking up the cause of teaching young people with visual disabilities to be radio producers.

The course offered by Radio509 Academy teaches the students the finer points of the radio business. They also receive training in skills that help increase their self-reliance, like assertiveness, cooperating with others and problem-solving ability.

Top of the class

After finishing the course, the students are ready to enter the job market. They are qualified to work as correspondents, presenters or show producers at radio stations and broadcasting networks. Radio509 Academy's course lifts young people to the top of the class. One advantage visual disabilities give them over other radio producers is the fact that they often have a better developed sense of hearing.

How Rabobank Foundation is helping

Radio509 Academy received a donation in 2015, enabling the Academy to train 2,160 people to be radio show producers. The young people who participate can attend theme days in the studio, take a course or hit the road with the mobile studio. The organisation can also take advantage of Rabobank's network. The funds enable students to make radio programmes covering (sporting) events, fairs and other occasions.