PET-bottle production provides work routine

Finding paid employment for people on benefit. That’s the aim of Stichting STUNT. Now they have a machine which turns PET-bottles into Delft blue tiles to help achieve that aim.

The organisation is offering a special course to young people between 17 and 35, focused on hotels, restaurants, cafés and catering. The participants will get straight to work in the catering businesses of The Colour Kitchen, where they will apply everything they learn on the job. A learn-to-work programme like this ensures that students are well-prepared for the job market, with an accredited diploma and important job experience.

Conveyor belt

People on benefits can work on all these activities. They get into a working routine and have access to language and other forms of training and support from STUNT to help them find paid work. They decide for themselves which STUNT activities they prefer. Thanks to the new PET-bottle machine they can now opt for collection tasks and working on a conveyor belt, sorting bottles by colour for instance. In total eight people are needed for PET-bottle recycling.

How Rabobank Foundation helps

We donated to STUNT to buy the PET-bottle machine and get it up and running.