The Toverbal theatre

Enchanting theatrical performances by people with a disability

The Toverbal theatre is a care-driven business giving a very special interpretation to providing care. The theatre is such a success because its employees are brimming with talent and possibilities.

The Toverbal theatre is a theatrical workplace where people with or without disabilities work together to make a success of this social enterprise. The theatre offers opportunities to develop their competences in the areas of performing theatre or music, dancing or renting out theatrical clothing. The Toverbal theatre own their own theatre in Beneden-Leeuwen. They also perform at other locations in the Netherlands. In addition to their home away from home, they own a special restaurant called ’t Voorproefje next to the theatre. This restaurant offers an extraordinary dining experience, pairing the dishes with art in many forms, such as paintings, poems, movies or specific colours. The combination is deemed unique and very special by many people. The Toverbal theatre can be booked to add colour to your gatherings and event, including their restaurant facilities. The Rabobank Foundation and Stichting Doen make a joint donation to maintain the current number of jobs.

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Unforgettable event

The Rabobank Foundation celebrated the 40-year work anniversary of colleague Roelie van Stempvoort at the Toverbal theatre and restaurant ‘t Voorproefje. Both Roelie and her co-workers were very impressed by the overwhelming experience that night, from the heartfelt reception with a fine theatrical performance up to and including the colourful dinner and musical finale. “I was both proud and happy on this joyful and impressive day!” says Roelie. “My co-workers got acquainted with this social enterprise. This made the impact of our work in the Netherlands up close and personal and really brought it to life.” Pierre van Hedel, CEO of the Rabobank Foundation, also expressed his appreciation: “This is about people who, despite their disabilities, will not be brought down, and I can really admire that.” He adds with pride: “If it were up to me, I would definitely award a Grammy to the Toverbal theatre.”


Enchanting theatre

The performers of the Toverbal theatre make dazzling theatre with a combination of colourful costumes, beautiful music and dance.

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Extraordinary appetizers

This trendy ‘soup bar’ was only the start of a creative and culinary dinner buffet at restaurant ‘t Voorproefje.


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