Twisted Foundation

Work experience for school drop-outs

Every year some 20,000 young people in the Netherlands leave school without a qualification. That’s a problem, because without a diploma they have little chance of getting a job and becoming self-reliant. The Twisted Foundation offers a solution in the form of special on-the-job training positions in Almere’s city theatre.

The school leavers are set to work in the City Lounge, an attractive theatre café in the city’s centre. Working in the kitchen and waiting on tables, they receive secondary vocational training as catering assistants. After six to nine months of training they gain their certificate, enabling them to go on to further education or a paid job.

Discovering talent

But the Twisted Foundation doesn’t only offer on-the-job training. The organization also helps young people aged 16 to 30 to find out what they’re good at. Their talents are often snowed under by the difficulties many of them face, from poor health to financial and behavioural problems. Through workshops, master classes and inspiration sessions, Twisted Foundation helps them discover those hidden skills.

How Rabobank Foundation helps

Rabobank Foundation donated to the Twisted Foundation to run the City Lounge in Almere’s city theatre. Youngsters who have dropped out of school without a qualification work a minimum of three days a week in the kitchen or as serving staff.